Press briefing: Capital Requirements Directive IV: steadying hand or stranglehold?

[05 10 2011]

Wednesday 5 October 2011
10.00 to 11.00 am
Concert Noble, rue d’Arlon 82, 1000 Brussels

The press briefing will explain ESBG’s position towards CRDIV and its possible impact on SME lending. It will be held by Chris de Noose, ESBG Managing Director.

The Basel III regulatory framework will shape the banking sector for years to come. But exactly how will Basel III shape it? Will it steady or strangle it? Is regulation hampering or stimulating retail banking? What influence will Basel III/CRDIV exert on retail banking in the short and medium term? Are the European institutions sufficiently accounting for the specificities of the European banking sector while transposing Basel III into European law? Will CRDIV lead to a decrease in SME lending?

From 9 am to 5 pm, journalists will have the opportunity to attend the 2011 ESBG Retail Banking Conference: “Savings and Retail Banking in 2020”  and interviewing panellists and keynote speakers. More than 200 people from the retail banking world will attend.

Registration is required for the press briefing and conference. Please RSVP to Sara Tironi at or +32 2 211 11 91

Best regards,
Sara Tironi

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