Training to Banking Universities in Vietnam

WSBI/ESBG’s Training and Consultancy Services, in association with the Sparkassenstiftung für Internationale Kooperation (Germany) and the Bank Training & Consultancy (Vietnam), has been active since February 2008 in providing training to Lecturers of the Banking Academy in Hanoi and the Banking University in Ho Chi Minh City. This project, funded by a grant from SECO (Switzerland), is scheduled for completion in December 2009.

The deliverables of the assignment included a training needs analysis to confirm the initial terms of reference, followed by the development of 8 seminars on modern banking and training techniques. These seminars, which have a duration of 1-2 weeks, are subsequently being implemented two banking universities by an experienced team of international and local training experts retained by the consortium partners.

As of the end of June 2009, 4 of the 8 seminars had been delivered;

  • Train-the-Trainer (July 2008);
  • Marketing (October 2008);
  • Business Strategy and Development (December 2008); and
  • Credit Management (March 2009 – see photo).

The two-week seminars on Lending Processes and Commercial Bank Management (which includes a computer based simulation) were delivered respectively during July and August 2009. The longer-term courses were delivered during the holiday months as a request from the banking universities so that the seminars would not interfere with the normal teaching activities of the Lecturers.

The attendance and evaluation results of the 4 seminars delivered until now are encouraging. On average, 28 Banking University Lecturers attended and successfully completed the seminars (over 30 in Hanoi and about 25 in HCMC), and more than 80% of the attendees have rated the courses as good or very good. Cooperation between the consortium partners is going very smoothly, and SECO and the Banking Universities have on several occasions praised the work performed.


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