WSBI-member National Savings and Credit Bank of Zambia

In June 2009, WSBI/ESBG Training and Consultancy Services signed a contract with the Zambian Ministry of Finance and National Planning to provide consultancy services to WSBI member National Savings and Credit Bank (NatSave). This project, implemented through IFAD’s (International Fund for Agricultural Development) Rural Finance Program, aims to promote and develop rural and sustainable banking services for low-income households and entrepreneurs.

In order to facilitate this project and at the same time supporting the bank’s development as a financially sound and professionally managed financial institution, technical assistance to NatSave will concentrate on implementing its Institutional Development Plan (IDP). This comprises five main areas:

1. Conducting a post implementation review of the computerisation program at NatSave which was completed in June 2009;
2. Supporting the IDP by reviewing and updating action plans for all departments at NatSave;
3. Assisting NatSave in developing and implementing new savings, loans and other products for its low-income clientele;
4. Increasing NatSave’s outreach to low-income clients by assisting in the provision of market-led microfinance services.
5. Reviewing NatSave’s; organisational structure, job descriptions and staff manning to meet the Bank’s Business Model

The above tasks will be implemented by a small team of three senior experts who travelled to Lusaka for the inception visit at the end of July 2009. As part of this visit, the work plan for the remainder of the assignment was prepared and agreed upon. The project is due for completion in December 2010.


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